Wipoosana Supanakorn


About The Artist

Wipoosana Supanakorn was born in 1975 in Bangkok, Thailand. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at the King Mongkut Institute of Art Ladkrabang in 1998 and his Masters Degree in San Francisco, United States. Wipoosana depicts the café society in Bangkok with a humorous and lively palette. There is a similarity to the Beaux Arts School of Paris, as many their artists are influenced by this genre of painting. His movements are quick and vibrant; the surfaces of the paintings are textured and create a bold but unique style of figurative painting. You can see the influence of Picasso in his portraits, with geometric lines that are jagged but full of emotion, and expression.

His work stands alone insofar as the inspiration is very much from his immediate surroundings, and culture. "But living in Bangkok, and continually growing as life weathers us all, my works are no longer necessarily pure abstraction, and I've found glimpses of the imagery of my culture, my homeland, and my deepest self which requires more than just abstract shapes, lines and colors to be fulfilled.  

I paint from my heart and soul as I am completely moved by the relationship of the color, form, and shape. Rather than pictures, I paint energies that are expressive of my feelings and fresh from the brush—a record of the moment when art comes to life through me. Therefore, the emotional content of my work determines how I paint on any given day, and my paintings express my emotions as I relate to the shapes, lines and colors of my world. That explosion of awareness and expression as I experience this interaction, endlessly going back and forth, is the emotion I paint. The paintings that result are the emotion that happens as I experience my world. I am truly united with the feelings my work conveys. My current works, so evolved from the pure abstraction that came from my studying in the United State, now reflect Thailand, as I feel that the location is important to my life and work. These added glimpses of reality, such as the people I see, architecture, weather, food, and language is also interspersed with spirit. This new environment changes what I see, how I feel, and therefore how I paint. 

Now, I still enjoy finding abstract patterns and shapes in any environment, however I tend to use the images of people as my subject matter and references which I then simplify into abstraction. This is my emotion, my soul. It is the essence of my world mixed with my identity emerging onto the canvas. And each canvas is, indeed, the truth of the essential me: emotional, abstract, colorful, and so much more. There is something new to experience at every moment, so there is always a new expression of the emotion of being."

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