Miao Xiaochun


About The Artist

Miao Xiaochun is renowned for his photographs of contemporary China and vast cityscapes which record technological development, painting an alien view of his homeland and envisioning a new dynastic era. 

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In his latest body of work, The Last Judgement in Cyberspace, Miao Xiaochun appropriates Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel fresco as territory for similar provocation. Developed on computer, Miao has built a virtual model of the Apocalypse, architecturally structuring the tiers of Christian afterlife. Replacing each of the 400 figures in Michelangelo’s iconic work with his own image and placing them in corresponding poses and positions as seen in the original painting, Miao ‘photographs’ the scene from various vantage points, ‘documenting’ the Second Coming from viewpoints within and outside the scene. 

Printed in black and white, Miao’s photos portray the celestial as a silvery futuristic tableau that is enchantingly serene and threateningly industrial. In combining the sublime awe of religious painting with malevolent science fiction themes, Miao uses photography to engage the viewer in an ultra-modern way. In using a digital process to create his subject ‘from scratch’, Miao’s photographs authenticate a virtual world rather than document reality. Similar to video game graphics and ‘screen shots’, Miao’s images involve the viewer by casting them as ‘avatars’ within the action. Presenting his scenes in obscure angles, Miao positions the viewer as seraphs, saints, or in the case of The Below View, the damned.



Miao Xiaochun: Microcosmos, Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin I Beijing, Berlin, Germany 

Miao Xiaochun: H2O, White Space Beijing, Beijing, China 
Miao Xiaochun: H2O, Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin I Beijing, Berlin, Germany 

Image + Imagination, Osage Contemporary Art Space, Hong Kong 
A Birdview, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China 
Miao Xiaochun: The Last Judgement in Cyberspace, White Space Beijing; Beijing, China 
Miao Xiaochun: The Last Judgement in Cyberspace, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, USA 
Miao Xiaochun: The Last Judgement In Cyberspace; Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin I Beijing, Berlin, Germany 

Phantasmagoria, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, USA 
A Visitor From the Past, Epson Photogallery Shanghai-Beijing, China 

Linger, Gallery Urs Meile, Lucerne, Switzerland 

From East to West and Back to East, Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China 

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