Featured Artists

Chen Wen Ling

Chen Wen Ling born in 1969 in China, is recognized as one of the top ten contemporary sculptors in the international art industry today. Since graduating from Xiamen Academy of Art where he studied in the sculpture department followed by Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, his exhibitions have been held in numerous prestigious exhibitions all around the world. In 1999, Chen Wen Ling received
Fernando Botero

Born in 1932 in Medellin, Colombia, Fernando Botero is an artistic living legend of our times. A prolific artist and creator of the signature style ‘Boterismo’, the artist’s rounded musings have made him a global figure in the contemporary art world, and the artistic ambassador of Colombian pursuit. Rounded from convention, distinctive in spite of the common place, and tied to
Qin Feng

Qin Feng is an iconic modernist ink painter whose work transcends generations to bind Chinese traditions of ink painting and Western Abstrcts. Grounded in traditional Chinese brushwork, his expressive compositions serve as bold and dramatic meditations on time and motion.  Born 1961 Xinjiang, China, Qin graduated from Shangdong Art Institute, China and has won several art award
Ren Zhen Yu

Born in Tianjin in 1976, Ren Zhenyu graduated in 1999 from the Oil Painting Department at Tianjin Academy of Fine Art, where he currently works as a lecturer. His talent was recognized and appreciated by renowned galleries and distinguished collectors throughout China, and has achieved fame in Europe through his distinct portrait series of historical and political icons, such as And
Cai Zhi Song

Cai Zhi Song was born in 1972 in Shenyang Liaoning Province, China and graduated from the Sculpture Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1997. He then taught at the university from 1998-2008. A sculpture artist whose powerful work has gained him international recognition, Cai Zhisong, was the first Chinese artist to win the prestigious Taylor prize at the Paris Autumn Salo
Yu Nancheng

Born in ChangZhou, Jiangsu Province in 1956, Yu NC currently resides in Shanghai and has been constantly engaged in art creation for more than 40 years, with artworks exhibited across China and collected by art institutions and professional art collectors around the world; including U.S, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Japan and Middle Eastern countries. Yu NC’s breakthrough techniq
Deng Cheng Wen

In 1981, Deng Cheng Wen was born in Guangdong Province, China. He graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 2006, following which his works have been exhibited worldwide including Hong Kong, Beijing and Miami. Deng Cheng Wen's Blind Walking series captures the collective ambition, ignorance and emotional flurry within the young Chinese of his generation. His works adopt a concept-based a
Hong Zhu An

Chinese born Hong Zhu An (b. 1955) is one of the finest artists in Singapore today. Trained under the famous art scholar Wang Zidou at the Shanghai Art and Craft Institute, the artist is proficient in both Chinese and Western Art. Painting in acrylic and ink, his works exude a serenity and energy that calms the mind and offers insightful abstract interpretation alongside enchanting visuals. Consta
Lee Jung Woong

Born in Korea in 1963, Lee Jung Woong is the masterful creator of the internationally acclaimed 'Brush' series of paintings. Bold, profound and breathtakingly dramatic- Lee Jung Woong’s intricate works command lucidity in spite of the abstract, and empower the objects of his depiction with hyper realistic life. Having attained his Masters in Fine Arts from Keimyung University, Korea, Lee’s wor
Jiang Miao

Born in Jilin, China, in 1981, Jiang Miao is a diverse artist specializing in contemporary Woodblock Printmaking. She studied at the Printmaking Department in the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. There she earned her B.A.F in 2005 and M.A.F in 2009 with a major in Woodblock Printmaking.  An award winning artist, Jiang Miao expresses her personal experiences as a femal
Wei ligang

Born in Datong, Shanxi in 1964, Wei Ligang is known as one of the greatest ink masters of our time. Closely connected to the Chinese Ink and Calligraphy movement since its excursions from the Mainland to global renown, the artist has been noted as one of the pioneers of abstraction in the field, melding Eastern and Western influence into a new generation of expressionism without eluding the tradit
Wang Tiande

Born in 1960 in China, Wang Tiande is one of the most significant and innovative calligraphers of present times, internationally renowned for his revolutionary takes on traditional Chinese Art. A graduate of the Chinese Painting Department at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1988, the artist is now dean and professor at the Art and Design Department of the prestigious Fudan University in Shang
Rainer Lagemann

Born in Dusseldorf, Germany, Rainer Lagemann has lived in San Francisco Bay Area since 1988. Today Lagemann resides in Miami, where he creates modern metal sculptures from small steel squares, welding them into modern interpretations of the human body or abstract variations of contemporary sculptures. Trained as an interior architect, Lagemann arrived to sculpture later in his life, but his unique
Park Seung Mo

Born in Korea sculptor, Park Seung Mo, who received his degree in Fine Arts at Dong A University in Korea in 1998, creates giant ephemeral portraits by cutting layer after layer of wire mesh. Each work begins with a photograph which is superimposed over layers of wire with a projector, then using a subtractive technique Park slowly snips away areas of mesh. Each piece is several inches t
Liu Ruo Wang

Born in 1970 in Shaanxi, China, Liu Ruo Wang creates Art that touches on an immense array of cultural elements, while still remaining firmly rooted in a personal journey through time and struggle. Turning a childhood of myth and folklore into a representation of the Chinese spirit, the artist chooses to glorify the ordinary man into an emblem of solidarity, tying together bands of soldiers in dist

Featured Works

Cavallo (Horse)
Fernando Botero

Lee Jung Woong

Rather than pursuing visual images through thick touch sense of oil colors, Lee Jung-Woong attempts...
Existential Emptiness No.16
Cui Xiuwen

In this painting by Cui Xiuwen titled "Existential Emptiness No. 16", the schoolgirl is placed right...
Calligraphy - Xu Hun - Early Autumn
Lim Tze Peng

Dancers II
Fernando Botero

With his distinct, large-featured style, Botero presents a pair of dancers dancing with restraint, at...
Fernando Botero

The humble Cavallo or 'Horse', has grown to become one of the largest signature symbols of Fernando Botero's...
Park Seung Mo

Carefully constructing his illusion of depth, Park Seung Mo once again defies the tangible with this...
Rainer Lagemann

Representative of struggle, achievement, dedication, ascension and progress- Sara does not remain a simple...

Staff Picks

Wang TianDe - Mountain Forward
Born in 1960 in China, Wang Tiande is one of the most significant and innovative calligraphers of present times, internationally renowned for his revolutionary takes on traditional Chinese Art. A graduate of the Chinese Painting Department at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1988, the artist is now dean and professor at the Art and Design Department of the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai. Characteristically using incense sticks to burn symbols, which resemble Chinese characters, onto rice paper, Wang Tiande’s work has been collected by the British Museum, London, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Boston Museum of Fine Art, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Shanghai Museum of Art, Guangdong Art Museum, Shenzhen Art Museum and JP Morgan Bank.
Rainer Lagemann at Capri by Fraser, Changi City, Singapore
Employing metallic squares to represent the core intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of human beings, Rainer Lagemann creates figures that represent the tribulations and ecstasies of human life while celebrating the grace of form. Creating powerful imagery of both tangible form and transient shadows, the artist manipulates lighting and space, pushing singular definitions of physical dimensions by adding variables of expression, while simultaneously instilling meaning into each aspect.

Rainer Lagemann's works were commissioned through Ode to Art by hospitality client Capri by Fraser to adorn the walls of its luxurious new location at Changi City, Singapore. 

Singapore's Master of Watercolor- Ong Kim Seng

Behind languid strokes and the iridescent meld of transient colour, lies the hand of a man enchanted by light, devoted to colour, and inspired by the honesty held within the artistic throes of creation. A self-taught observer, traveller and passionate learner- Ong Kim Seng has climbed the ranks of formal appreciation to claim his title as one of the most celebrated water-colourists of our age, reposing his name into international renown and staking his claim as a modern-day cultural treasure.
Voluptuous in Vogue - The Works of Fernando Botero

Using his images as his language of expression, Botero is a narrator- a teller of fables with a libertine accent, whose power is the sedentary, and whose wisdom is wrapped in subtleties of irony and sometimes, inherently scathing commentary. Turning traditional conceptions on their head and slipping the viewer out of societal blinders into  unassuming endearment, the forms of Botero are champions of the unsaid and unseen, speaking through in-expression, grandiose in their common place and creators of their own standards of beauty

Ode to Art is proud to display a glimpse into the rounded musings of the great Fernando Botero, spanning a wide array of sketches, paintings and sculptures as testament to the prowess, versatility and creative ingenuity of the landmark artist.

Now On Show

Ode to Art Platform Presents: Guo Huawei
Lim Tze Peng, Wang Tiande, Wei ligang, Qin Feng
May 7th - May 21st 2015
Ode To Art Raffles City
Nostalgia in Transformation: Ong Kim Seng
Ong Kim Seng, Hong Zhu An, Zhu Hong, Wang Tiande
Mar 26th 15 - Mar 31st 15
Ode To Art Raffles City
Solo Exhibition: Knakorn Kachacheewa:
Knakorn Kachacheewa, Y Indra Wahyu N, Iskandar Syaifudin , Jeremy Ramsey
5th - 15th March 2015
Ode To Art Raffles City
Ode to Art at Art Stage 2015: Featuring Park Seung Mo and Fernando Botero
Park Seung Mo, Fernando Botero
22nd - 25th January, 2015
Marina Bay Sand Convention Hall
Solo Exhibition of Indra Wahyu - Urban Dreamtime
Various Artists
15-29 Jan 2015
Ode To Art Raffles City Platfrom
Wang Tiande- Mountain Forward
Wang Tiande, Qin Feng, Lim Tze Peng, Hong Zhu An
25t- 30th November, 2014
Ode To Art Raffles City
Where Do I Begin
Max Kong
3 July - 17 July 2014
4th Floor Raffles City Convention Center Foyer Area
China Red, Yu Nan Cheng
Yu Nancheng
29 May, 7PM
Ode To Art Raffles City
The Singapore Series 2014 Art Lectures with Jeffrey Say

28 Mar - 27 June 2014
Ode To Art Raffles City
Nature At Play
Xie Ai Ge, Zhang Jian Long
19 - 30 Mar 2013
Ion Art Gallery, Level 4 Ion Orchard


Park Seung Mo
The Paradox of Illusion

The art of Park Seung Mo is not installation, it is not sculpture, it is not portraiture; it is an exposition on consciousness, a critique of reality and most of all, a discourse on the meaning of the self itself- churning existence into a haze of wired ambiguity.
Y Indra Wahyu N
Urban Dreamtime

Amongst whirlwind colour and dizzying brushstroke illusions lie the astute observations of a social thinker, observing the modern world from eyes that acutely bring to life the vistas behind streams of consciousness. Moulding representation into painterly abstract, the experienced hand of Indra Wahyu channels emotion and energy through composition and subject with a raw truth that has become the trademark of the present age of firebrand Indonesian artists. Insightful, honest, and yet filled with the cascading motion of aesthetic flow, the art of Indra Wahyu is a flurry of snapshot reality, encased in fantastical imagery.
Yu Nancheng
China Red

In his forty years of practicing art, Yu Nancheng has learnt from the foreign artistic traditions, keeping in mind the essence of traditional Chinese culture, reinterpreting this blend of rich cultural heritage in the light of modern age with a genuine contemporary touch.
Ong Kim Seng
Nostalgia in Transformation

Watercolour virtuoso, prolific visionary and perhaps one of the most laurelled artists that have graced Singapore’s Art scene till date- Mr Ong Kim Seng is the embodi- ment of artistic passion. Through our years of professional collaborations, Mr Ong has never ceased to amaze me with his humility and undying vigour to explore, learn and achieve.
Various Artists
Mountain Forward

Born in 1960 in China, Wang Tiande is one of the most significant and innovative calligraphers of present times, internationally renowned for his revolutionary takes on traditional Chinese Art. A graduate of the Chinese Painting Department at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1988, the artist is now dean and professor at the Art and Design Department of the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai. Recreating Ink brush painting for the twenty-first century, the artist often burns symbols, which resemble Chinese characters, onto rice paper, evoking the essence of traditional Chinese art in a modern context. The burn marks are made with an incense stick, creating shapes and spaces, similar to that of landscapes, water and mountains. Mountain Forward is a solo exhibition of Wang Tiande recent works in Ode To Art .
Hong Zhu An

Imbued with the very philosophy that defines the artist himself, ‘Line’, or 笔,墨,纵,横 (closely translated to Brush, Ink, Vertical, Horizontal) is a tale within itself, that descends from individual but spans to a multitude- resonating to emotion held within every and each.
Deng Cheng Wen
The Lightness of Seeing

From trains of lost direction, to key holed glimpses of blindness; from bewildered expressionless youths, to serene smiles of ignorance: having worked with Deng Cheng Wen for over 5 years now, it hardly takes me by surprise that the prodigious artist has chosen to develop his striking theme into an artistic blossoming of thought and technique.
Fernando Botero, Jimenez
Botero - Voluptuous in Vogue

Beauty Presented by The Messenger of Curves, The Maestro of Rounded Forms.
Lee Jung Woong, Hong Zhu An, Hong Sek Chern
The Strokes of Perception

Among the many astute elements of Lee Jung Woong's perceptive creations, the one that always strikes me is the visual simplicity, in spite of the complex detailing and skill that lies behind it.
Various Artists
Longing Landscape - Qin Feng

A Journey of Chinese Ink through tradition, time and the philosophical spirit


박승모(park seungmo)
Park Seung Mo
A Behind the Scenes take on Korean artist Park Seung Mo's transfixing wire sculptures that have captured minds and hearts around the world with the ideation and philosophy that guide them.
Yu Nancheng (Part 1)
Yu Nancheng
SINGAPORE SERIES: Contemporary Art - Art Lecture Full Video

By Jeffrey Say
Zhang Jian Long (Part 2)
Zhang Jian Long
Zhang Jian Long (Part 1)
Zhang Jian Long
SINGAPORE SERIES: Contemporary Ink - Art Lecture Full Video

By Jeffrey Say
Robert Indiana: Beyond Love / Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Robert Indiana, Fernando Botero
The exhibition Robert Indiana: Beyond Love at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York presents an overview of the work of the American artist, who his one of the main protagonists of the Pop Art movement. Robert Indiana used the vocabulary of highway signs and roadside entertainments of post war America. His work often consists of bold images with short words, such as in his most famous piece, LOVE. Robert Indiana: Beyond Love. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Professional Preview, September 23, 2013. Video: Shimon Azulay. More videos on contemporary art, design, architecture: 5.
SINGAPORE SERIES: Sculpture - Art Lecture Full Video
Ong Kim Seng, Lim Tze Peng, Zhu Hong, Hong Zhu An
By Jeffrey Say
SINGAPORE SERIES: Painting - Art Lecture Full Video
Various Artists
Qin Feng
Various Artists
Internationally renowned and critically acclaimed contemporary Ink artist, Qin Feng, expounds on the cultural relevance, philosophies behind and major achievements of his art. Steeped in cultural polars and a medley of styles and mediums, watch the artist delve into the intricacies of his complex work, and what they stand for in the times to come.