Featured Artists

Lee Jung Woong

Born in Korea in 1963, Lee Jung Woong is the masterful creator of the internationally acclaimed 'Brush' series of paintings. Bold, profound and breathtakingly dramatic - Lee Jung Woong’s intricate works command lucidity in spite of the abstract, and empower the objects of his depiction with hyper-realistic life. Having attained his Masters in Fine Arts from Keimyung University, Korea, Lee’s wo
Chen Wen Ling

Chen Wen Ling was born in 1969 in China and is recognized as one of the top ten contemporary sculptors in the international art industry today. Since graduating from the Xiamen Academy of Art where he studied in the sculpture department followed by Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, his exhibitions have been held in numerous prestigious exhibitions all around the world. In 1999, Ch
Yu Nancheng

Born in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in 1956, Yu Nancheng currently resides in Shanghai and has been engaged in art creation for more than 40 years. His artworks have been exhibited across China and are collected by art institutions and professional art collectors around the world in locations such as the U.S, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Japan and the Middle Eastern countri
Ren Zhen Yu

Born in Tianjin in 1976, Ren Zhenyu graduated in 1999 from the Oil Painting Department at Tianjin Academy of Fine Art, where he currently works as a lecturer. His talent was recognized and appreciated by renowned galleries and distinguished collectors throughout China, and he achieved fame in Europe through his distinct portrait series of historical and political icons, such as Andy
Qin Feng

Qin Feng is an iconic modernist ink painter whose work transcends generations to bind Chinese traditions of ink painting and Western Abstract art. Grounded in traditional Chinese brushwork, his expressive compositions serve as bold and dramatic meditations on time and motion. Born in 1961 in Xinjiang, China, Qin graduated from Shangdong Art Institute in China and has won s
Lim Tze Peng

Born in Singapore in 1921, Lim Tze Peng is one of Singapore’s most significant artists and a living legend. Renowned for his Chinese ink creations of post-independence Singapore, he also practices Chinese calligraphy. Alongside local and international exhibitions, his masterpieces are exhibited in prominent Singapore institutions and part of many prestigious collections. Lim has been bestowed se
Ong Kim Seng

Born in 1945 in Singapore, Ong Kim Seng is an internationally renowned watercolorist and one of Singapore’s most prominent artistic icons. Self-taught and self-supported, the artist has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Singapore and in the United States, China, United Kingdom, Japan , Australia, Belgium, Germany, France, Middle East, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He has won a mult
Wang Tiande

Born in 1960 in China, Wang Tiande is one of the most significant and innovative calligraphers of present times, internationally renowned for his revolutionary takes on traditional Chinese art. A graduate of the Chinese Painting Department at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1988, the artist is now dean and professor at the Art and Design Department of the prestigious Fudan University in Shang
Fernando Botero

Born in 1932 in Medellin, Colombia, Fernando Botero is an artistic living legend of our times. A prolific artist and creator of the signature style ‘Boterismo’, the artist’s rounded musings have made him a global figure in the contemporary art world, and the artistic ambassador of Colombian pursuit. Rounded from convention, distinctive in spite of the commonplace, and tied to

Featured Works

Lee Kuan Yew
Park Seung Mo

Marble Chair
Ai Weiwei

In this sculpture entitled "Marble Chair,” Ai Weiwei carved stone into the shape of an antique Chinese...
Imprint of Memory
Hong Zhu An

In his works, Hong Zhu An has intentionally made the otherwise translucent rice paper opaque; making...
Wooded Trail
Choy Moo Kheong

CSS-Homage #7
Dedy Sufriadi

000129 From one of Sufraidi's Homage series, Homage #7 draws in attention with the usage of white...
Morning Markets LP
Lim Tze Peng

The monochromatic images of that Lim Tze Peng depicts in ink, while similar to his other pieces in terms...
Ode to Motherland No.5
Cai Zhi Song

Ode to Motherland No. 5 emanates pain and suffering, with the warrior's body twisted and contorted in...
Bruce Lee
Syaiful A Rachman

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Themed Collections

A Burst of Pop
Using bold and strong bursts of colours to express an artist's creativity and art intent, this pop collection showcases our very best colorful works. From laser cut metal, print on canvas, to resin sculptures and mixed media on wood, these works instantly brighten up a space with their eclectic use of colours and innovation.
The Mimetic of Form
From slender silhouettes to portraits of vitality, from painterly representations to pinpoint facets of body speech, figurative representation remains one of Art's most definitive canons to this day. Browse our collection of figurative artists from around the world and their diverse methodology of contemporary takes on the eternal mimetic of form. 
China Rising
Carrying an epic history, monumental present and a future of grandeur, China is a land of diverse and rich heritage that has steadily grown into a global symbol of resilience and progress. Recount its story, pay homage to its journey and revel in the fruits of its artistry wit the collection of some of China's finest established and rising artists who have made it the testament of their art to uphold the struggle of their people and the triumph of their determination 
South East Asian Originals for $4500 and Under
Experience guilt-free Art splurging with our collection of original works by some of South East Asia's top emerging artists at $4500 and under. 
Unrestrained East- A Collection of Indonesia's Finest
Brimming with energy, charged with emotion and shouting aloud sharp social commentary, the full bodied art of Indonesia refuses to be ignored, gripping its way into the world of modern contemporary Art. Often carrying heavy political critique masked by fluid aesthetics, every artwork- whether abstract or representative- promises both intellectual and sensory piquancy, and an unforgettable gimpse of the Unrestrained East
Pocketful of Art - A Miniature Collectible Series
Put away your sculpture inhibitions and enjoy our series of miniature sculptures that make delightful and accessible additions to your collection. From Asian to International- Here's your chance to collect works from some of the biggest contemporary sculptors today!
Adamantine: Contemporary Metal Works for the Contemporary Collector
Revolutionizing the art of sculpture, the introduction of Metal as a medium opened infinite avenues of art direction- bringing with it the promise of both antiquity and modernity,encased in adamantine creativity. Be it show piece works that draw the eye or temperate aesthetics that complete a space- Metal is a medium of the contemporary.
Woodland Vistas- A Featured Collection of Landscape Art
Revel in expositions of one of the greatest canons of all Art time- the Landscape. Quintessential to every collection, browse through our featured line up of representative and surreal, vivid and reflective, picturesque and of course, indelibly aesthetic. Spanning region, medium and style, lose yourself in a dynamic display of woodland vistas.
The City Speaks- A Collection of Singapore's Finest
From connoisseurs of ink, to watercolour veterans and minstrels of acrylic- Singapore's vast and dynamic host of artistic innovators have taken the world by storm, establishing their creative offerings into international renown.
Spanning generations of cultural and stylistic development, Ode to Art boasts an extensive collection of Singaporean talent, covering second generation legends, international headliners, and emerging artists alike, who have transmuted their uniquely Singaporean backgrounds into cultural medleys and skilled expositions. Be it a homage to the city-state's history, or artistic testaments of technical virtuosity- with every work of Singaporean art- the city speaks.
Whimsical Retellings
Born of capricious imaginations and playful wanderings, there is unbounded beauty in art that captures the soul of the whimsical. Mischievous, fantastical, and yet, poignant with their inherent emotional and nostalgia, the works of visual poet Christian Pendelio, stylistic veteran David Bromley and the ever endearing Coplu create imaginative playgrounds of carefree innocence and the fancies of forgotten idealism . Be it for your child, or for your inner child, these whimsical retellings are sure to not only please the senses, but warm the heart and stir the soul.
Kinetic Velocity
Light. Space. Transience. Ethereal qualities crafted from the sturdiest forms, rounding harsh corners into contours that transmute the inanimate into kinetic celebrations of the human form- these are the works of sculptor extraordinaires Rainer Lagemann, David Begbie and Kang Duk Bong. Spanning hollow metal squares, thin sheets of metal and mesh, and PVC pipes, the artists come together with their common motif of the conventional form, deeming it unconventional with the use of light, shadow and material. Be it poetic movements or revelations in silhouettes, the presented sculptures are conferrals of delicacy- etched into sturdy resolution.

Now On Show

Fly to Love by Coplu
24th May - 7th June 2017
Ode To Art Raffles City
Another Place by Hong Viet Dung
Hong Viet Dung
27th April - 7th May 2017
Ode To Art Raffles City
Life, Love and Adventure Together
Gillie and Marc Schattner
23rd February - 8th March 2017
Ode To Art Raffles City
Unabating Spring by Hong Zhu An
Hong Zhu An
5th January - 7th January 2017
Ode To Art Raffles City
Rhythms of Nature by Ronnie Ford
Ronnie Ford
May 27th till June 25th 2016
Ode To Art Raffles City
Moments by Chin Chun Wah
Chin Chun Wah
29th April - 19 May 2016
Ode To Art Platform, 4th Floor, Raffles City Convention Centre
Art Stage 2016 Featuring Liu Zhen Yong's New Forms of Movement
Liu ZhengYong
21st January to 24th January 2016
Art Stage Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Expo
Here and Now (在这里) by Wu Qiong
Wu Qiong
November 8th to November 28th
Ode To Art Raffles City
Impressions by Lim Tze Peng
Lim Tze Peng
13th October to 30th November
Ode To Art Raffles City
Voice of Korean Art
Various Artists
20 August 2015 - 19 September 2015
Ode to Art Platform, Level 4, Raffles City Convention Centre


Hong Zhu An
Unabating Spring by Hong Zhu An

Ronnie Ford
Rhythms of Nature by Ronnie Ford

Ford's unique texturescapes evolved from his studies of sculpture and optical arts. An artist of versatility and great originality, he has spent time in the Far East, during which he acquired an artistic acumen that challenges western perspectives and became inspired to explore the Chinese idea of taking a journey through the landscapes. The landscapes are all about preserving the integrity of the place while expressing feelings that were awakened when he was there. It began with Ford studying the landscapes, and in time, detaching himself from it to filter out the unnecessary details. Using his memory, he captures the spirit of what he has seen on his canvasses, creating powerful impressions, rather than representations, of the place. Ode To Art is delighted to present his second solo exhibition in Singapore, Rhythms of Nature.
Chin Chun Wah
Moments by Chin Chun Wah

As a prolific artist in the pen and wash technique, Singaporean artist Chin Chun Wah Harry’s comeback is seen as a natural and inevitable transition after a 43-years hiatus. Most of his earlier works are of old Singapore street scenes, especially those in Chinatown, the Singapore River and its surrounding areas—all favorite spots for outdoor sketching and painting by Singapore artists, even today. Chin’s skillful sketching techniques and perfect perspectives can be seen in the way he depict scenes with light, deft strokes rendered within minutes. Ode to Art is delighted to present Chin Chun Wah Harry’s Moments, a tribute to Singapore’s history of urbanization and modernization.
Liu ZhengYong
New Forms of Movement by Liu Zhengyong

A young acclaimed Chinese artist with a strong focus on expressionism painting, Liu Zhen Yong will exhibit his latest works at the much anticipated Art Stage 2016 Singapore on behalf of Ode to Art Gallery. His artworks have its roots in traditional Chinese painting. Through his artworks, viewers can discern the essence of Chinese painting, namely yi qi —a standard of good paintings in ancient China— and shen si —images of people and mountains that are in a state similar and dissimilar to the original forms. Liu had Exhibited in international shows in France, Italy, USA and Germany.
Wu Qiong
Here and Now (在这里)

Internationally acclaimed sculptor and painter Wu Qiong is back in town to present his exhibition, Here and Now. This exhibition is his open invitation into a state of consciousness replete with luscious dreamscapes, whimsical characters and compositions. His newer masterpieces are more subtle, allowing more open-ended interpretations and portraying more powerful emotions and feelings. These visceral feelings are communicated through postures, facial expressions and depiction of characters. This allows for more emphasis on individual characters and development of their emotions. Wu’s distinctive cartoon style is obvious, and it resonates with the aesthetic of a generation absorbed with graphic novels, comics, digital worlds, animation and gaming. The characters have their eyes closed and mouths agape. Their upturned faces and shut eyes suggest that havoc is unfolding in their dreams. Wu hopes to tap upon this notion through the recurring use of this facial expression, allowing viewers to draw their own associations with the different scenarios presented in his works. “Here and Now represents an entry point into a state of mind or being, with no single definition or explanation as to where ‘here’ is. I want to engage in a dialogue with viewers, introducing scenarios that would provoke thought or trigger memories and experiences. I want to highlight the wealth of emotions contained within my characters. They are a manifestation of common emotions and considerations of society; hopefully these feelings will resonate with viewers even if the situations and contexts, which I present them in, do not,” says Wu.
Lim Tze Peng
Impressions by Lim Tze Peng

Various Artists
Voice of Korean Art

Paying tribute to the cultural density of an astounding artistic movement, Ode to Art is delighted to present Voice of Korean Art: a group exhibition showcasing dynamic and awe-inspiring works of five contemporary artists coveted by collectors around the world. For every outlet of expression, there is a voice; and the voice of Korean Art has ascended into a vibrant crescendo of individuality, taking contemporary expression by storm and leading an entire generation towards a renewed modern artistic exploration.
Fernando Botero
Botero - Voluptuous in Vogue

Beauty Presented by The Messenger of Curves, The Maestro of Rounded Forms.
Yu Nancheng
China Red

In his forty years of practicing art, Yu Nancheng has learnt from the foreign artistic traditions, keeping in mind the essence of traditional Chinese culture, reinterpreting this blend of rich cultural heritage in the light of modern age with a genuine contemporary touch.
Y Indra Wahyu N
Urban Dreamtime

Amongst whirlwind colour and dizzying brushstroke illusions lie the astute observations of a social thinker, observing the modern world from eyes that acutely bring to life the vistas behind streams of consciousness. Moulding representation into painterly abstract, the experienced hand of Indra Wahyu channels emotion and energy through composition and subject with a raw truth that has become the trademark of the present age of firebrand Indonesian artists. Insightful, honest, and yet filled with the cascading motion of aesthetic flow, the art of Indra Wahyu is a flurry of snapshot reality, encased in fantastical imagery.


Ode To Art in Conversation: 刘正勇 Liu Zhen Yong

Ode To Art in Conversation with Painter Liu Zheng Yong at his art studio. Liu seeks the true and fundamental emotions of human beings that he wishes to convey through his works.
Ode To Art in Conversation: 吴梁焰 Wu Liang Yan

Ode To Art in Conversation with Chinese Sculptor Wu Liang Yan reveals how his childhood played a huge part in making him the artist that he is today, and further inspiring his sculptures.
Ode To Art in Conversation: 任振宇 Ren Zhen Yu

Ode To Art in Conversation with Chinese Painter Ren Zhen Yu. His works beam with vivid colors that are interpreted by him purely from Black and White photos.
Ode To Art in Conversation: 刘纯海 Liu Chun Hai

Ode To Art in Conversation with Chinese Painter Liu Chun Hai. Liu discusses the essence of vitality which he hopes exudes in all his works.
Gao Xiao Wu: A Journey of Artistic Renewal
Gao Xiao Wu
Wu Qiong's Interview
Wu Qiong

Liu Ruo Wang's exclusive interview with Luca Periotto about his series display in Italy.
Featuring Ode to Art

This short clip is taken from the Russian Program, http://zhannepozheni.friday.ru/videos/vipuski/singapore , which featured a newlywed and their adventures in Singapore. The bride is a painter and her other half had always wanted her to paint something for him. Finally, she gets it done in Ode to Art Gallery with the help of the various artworks around her as inspiration.
Ode to Art presents: Studio Sessions with Hong Zhu An
Hong Zhu An
With training in both Western and Eastern art, Hong Zhu An's work remains inherently Asian with his focus on calligraphy, the line and large-scale paintings. Granted the illustrious UOB Painting of the Year 'Grand Award' in 1994, his work is included in corporate and public collections such as The Spencer Museum, Princeton University Museum and the National Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Ode to Art Presents Lim Tze Peng
Lim Tze Peng
Ode To Art is delighted to present the solo exhibition of veteran artist Lim Tze Peng titled Impressions. It will be a celebration of the bold calligraphy paintings of Lim Tze Peng that exude immense passion, strength and vitality. A special selection of 95 works is showcased in honour of the Cultural Medallion awardee and Singapore's oldest living second-generation artist who turns 95 this year. Lim Tze Peng achieved a stylistic breakthrough with the development of a new style of abstract calligraphy or 糊涂字 (known as hu tu zi). Emphasizing expressiveness and elegance of strokes instead of the actual meaning of the words, some of the works have layers written atop each other with words appearing so cursive and abstract that it is difficult to decipher the characters present.Ode To Art cordially invites you to join us on a historic evening as we celebrate Lim Tze Peng's 95th birthday and his works that have been enshrined in the Singapore art scene.