Wu Qiong

Tian An Men Square, 2016
Limited Edition Print, 56 x 69 cm



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About the artwork

The characters in Wu Qiong's works bear child-like features, yet bears political and patriotic undertones. The parade of people stretches far into the horizon, where the Tiananmen stands proudly, shrouded in the mist to further highlight its superiority and grandness. Three people stand in the forefront, all wearing clothes defining different eras of China's history; from its communist times, the old and the new, reminding us of the pride and honour of the country that stands after years of change and transformation.

About the artist

Wu Qiong was born in Beijing, China in 1981. He graduated from the Beijing Shi Fan University in 2001 and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. Both sculptor and painter, Wu creates art that represents the childhood that he and many others of his generation remembered and in doing so, creates touching and amusing portraits of childhood that are distinctly contemporary in the Chinese art scene. Acclaimed both internationally and locally, Wu Qiong has participated in various international art fairs, including Art Miami, Art Cologne and Bridge Art Fair.   

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