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Ronnie Ford
Les Premieres Fleurs de l'Ete

Mixed Medium on Canvas
50 x 50cm


Ronnie Ford once again impresses with his ability to captivate his audience with this beautiful and soulful artwork. In this painting, Ford makes use of bold and vibrant colours to bring out the lushness of the landscape. The use of bright blue on the top half of the canvas, contrasted with bright green on the foreground, immediately catches one's eyes. Ford employs his technique of sculptural painting by incorporating the bright colours on the foreground, creating a perspective illusion that the flowers are indeed physically close while the subjects on the background are far and beyond reach. Ford uses vertical lines while painting the tall grass, directing his viewer's eyes from the foreground to the background where the isolated cottage is located. Ford is able to retain the spirit of the countryside landscape, allowing his audience to be transported into a meadow full of beautiful and lavish grass and flowers amidst which a cottage lies - possibly one's concept of an ideal vacation in the European suburbs.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Ronnie Ford was born in Dunoon, Scotland and studied at the Glasgow School of Art. He is a full-time professional artist who launched his career with sell-out shows in Hong Kong and London. He has built a strong international presence with successful group and solo shows in Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA. Ronnie's work is in private, public and corporate collections worldwide, including the French Consulate, Hong Kong, Bank of South Australia, Strathclyde University, NHS Scotland. His work has appeared on television several times, was used as a major component of an MTV music video by Canto-pop and film star, Sammie Cheng and has won multiple awards. 
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  • +Exhibitions

    Selected Exhibitions 
    Solo Exhibition Rhythms of Nature, Ode To Art gallery, Singapore

    'Hip to be Square', Howl Gallery, Fort Myers, Florida          
    'Rhythms in Motion', Kranenburg Fine Art, Oban          
    'Dans le Jardin', Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh          
    'Seasons' Strathearn Gallery, Crieff 

    Kings Road Gallery, London          
    Cowal Open Studios, Atelier 23, Sandbank 

    'A Tapestry of the Seasons', Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh          
    'Colourways, Colourplays', Tighnabruaich Gallery          
    'Vibrant Rhythms', Amelia Johnson Contemporary, Hong Kong 

    'Along the Water's Edge', Gallimaufry Gallery, Blairmore          
    'TextureScapes', Kings Road Gallery, London          
    'New Works', Carby Art Gallery, Aberdeen          
    'Journeys', Juno Design Gallery, Dunoon 

    Public Collections 

    Featured in Sammi Cheng's MTV Video (2003) 
    Cadogen Hotel, London 

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