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Oil on Canvas
200 x 280cm


(A) Nasirun is renowned for his large format paintings inspired from his deep roots in the Javanese wayang. Wayang is the Javanese word for shadow and is used to refer to the traditional Javanese theatre, puppet theatre. He adapts the aesthetic features of the wayang when creating the subjects in his paintings. His paintings seem simple but are a complex combination of culture and religion; Javanese culture and Islam. For example, his work entitled “Wayang Ilang Gapite” was motivated through his mother’s advice – to not be naughty and always be honest in order to not fall without the strength, similar to a wayang without the supported wood.

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    Bornin 1965 in Cilacap, Indonesia, Nasirun is a graduate of the Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI), Yogyakarta and is known for creating large-format paintings based on his extensive knowledge of Javanese wayang. He was earlier criticized for being a painter who only aimed to serve the market. During the mid-1990s, well-known art collector Oei Hong Djein began purchasing Nasirun's paintings. Since then, his works began to rise in popularity among art collectors in both Indonesia and the Southeast Asian region. 

    Since 1998, Nasirun's work has been exhibited throughout Indonesia in several regions including Magelang, Semarang, Jakarta, Bali and Yogyakarta.
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