David Begbie

Torsu I, 2010
Metal Steel, 77 x 15 x 38 cm

USD 10,000

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About the artwork

Scottish artist David Begbie's works have taken inspiration from the forms of Rodin and Michelangelo; however, his sculptures are depicted through a contemporary medium - the steel mesh. By creating an incomplete portion of the human body, steering away from the conventional carved-in-marble human forms, Begbie has explored a further range of possibilities to illustrate the human body. The intricate detail of the collarbone set against the toned chest lends credence to the portrayal of the human body as a whole. When displayed against a solid white wall with strategically placed spotlights, the hanging sculpture comes to life as the shadows projected dance along with the movement of the sculpture.

About the artist

Born in Edinburgh in 1955, David Begbie has shared his unique vision in numerous exhibitions across the world, including Italy, France, Monoco, Canada, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, USA, Australia, Japan and Spain. His robust and deceptive sculptures are created by David coaxing the figures from steel mesh with his own hands, creating a dual aesthetic with shadows and light. Globally acclaimed, the artist’s works are found in a multitude of prestigious museum collections and public art installations around the world and have also been commissioned for various established corporations.  

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