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Eva Armisen
Cook, 2015

75 x 55cm


In this artwork, a girl carries trays of delectable cupcakes with a sweet smile on her face. Sweetness is everywhere in the artwork; the cherry topped cupcakes, the red hearts around the girl, the rose in the girl’s hair and the light pink background. She appears bashful, yet pleased with her efforts at baking. Eva’s artworks portray scenes of delight in everyday life events, and this artwork reminds us of the innocent delight and joy in accomplishing even the smallest things in our lives.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Eva Armisen is a Spanish artist who is well-known for her child-like style, which never fails to charm the viewers of her works. The subjects of her works often touch on family, love and togetherness, with the depiction of simple moments in everyday life.The characters in Eva Armisen’s artworks go through their everyday lives with sweet smiles on their faces,reminding us of the joy in treasuring the small and simple moments in our lives. Armisen’s works have been exhibited and collected all over the world, in South Korea, Spain, Hong Kong, USA and Singapore.
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