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Zhang Yexing
Stage No.13, 2008

Oil on Canvas
150 x 200cm


Zhang Yexing's art, mostly depicts a moment that includes different parallel happenings within itself. A moment that could change based on the varied perceptions of each observer. He uses the perspective in a miniaturized way, so that it could use all the visual possibilities to convey the massage or explain the lyric. Colors are mostly used in a way that they easily communicate with the audience. His representational art style captures the irony of the showtime and the reality of the mastermind behind an organized composition.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Zhang Ye Xing was born in Shenyang in 1981 and graduated from the Central Fine Art Academy in 2004. His series of works use the motif of stage curtains as a main theme as people always have the desire of acting onstage. Therefore, by placing his own intimate thoughts in front of the stage, thoughts which cannot be revealed to others in real life or disclosed in public, he is researching how the human character exhibits itself in reality. There are two observable levels in Zhang Ye Xing's paintings - the psychological and the political - and both intertwine to present an insightful work of art by a young artist trying to make sense of the mind and the environment. In Zhang's works, we watch the performance of the artist, and although these are intimate moments we are never aware that it is only a performance. 

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  • +Exhibitions

    Selected Solo Exhibitions

    "Time", platformchina, Beijing, China 

    "Door & Lock, Works by Zhang Yexing", 01100001, Beijing, China 

    "Theater", PYO Gallery, Beijing, China 2008

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