A Little Help From My Friend
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About The Artist

Cordel was born in New York and is based there. He was born to loving and creative parents, who fostered his artistic expression from an early age. Cordel's father is a pen and ink artist and, inspired by his father using these artistic tools, Cordel took them up himself. With the use of ink, Cordel learnt how to not make mistakes when he drew as one could not erase the markings made. Over time, he developed his own unique style and began as a pen and ink artist.

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The spring of 2004 was the first time Cordel took up the discipline of painting and realized the creative control that the medium allowed. He began to explore colours, strokes and composition with his new tools of brush, canvas and wood. Soon, he was recreating his earlier pen and ink characters and reimagining them, forming beautiful paintings. He has the ability to express any human condition through the people and characters that he paints and his work creates a sense of joy and happiness. The influences that he lists are Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Toulouse Lautrec.  



Cordell - An Ode to Merrymaking and Indulgence 

For New Yorker Cordel, it's all about "La Dolce Vita", or the sweet life. Born into a family of artists, Cordell mastered the art of the pen and ink medium from his father. Having placed markings onto a canvas or directly onto wood, lush colours are used to boldly fill in the outlines. His characters are suave, distinguished and decadent. Curvaceous figures accentuated with polka dots and stripes, scribbles and strokes, develop in Cordel's works of revelry. Cordel's career transformed into that of a painter in 2004, when he stepped into a local gallery and the owners were immediately captivated by his work. His creativity soared from there and he participated in regional art shows, the annual New York Expo and donated his art towards a good cause. In this manner, Cordel's work has spread worldwide and is exhibited in the US, UK and Singapore. His cosmopolitan compositions offer an exclusive glimpse into the lifestyle of the elitist and his forte lies in his depiction of women; adorned in feather boas and flowered brooches, one is immediately charmed by their flirtatiousness and awed by their perfect poise. The men play a supporting role, charismatically entertaining the ladies with their cravats, corsages and cigars. As if his works were a still-shot from a film, Cordel's characters seem to come alive with the language of their bodies, conversing through sparkling eyes, batting lashes and golden curls. Maintain your gaze and you may even be able to pick up a taunting line or a clink of glasses. Champagne overflows and martinis abound, one cannot help but get intoxicated by the celebration.