Liu Ruo Wang

高山流水, 2009
Bronze, 21 x 14 x 16 cm

USD 2,800

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About the artwork

As if raised from the soil of the Loess Plateau itself, the earthy warriors of Liu Ruo Wang spring forth in magnificent stances of bravado, mouths agape with resilient shouts. Their red faces are symbolic of Guan Yu, the great general, and of loyalty and righteousness. The bronze soldiers proudly wear their Northern Shanxi garb, resplendent as beacons of cultural language and homage. Derived from myth, sculpted with skill and endowed with meanings drawn from Chinese heritage, Liu Ruo Wang brings us the essence of a childhood fascination cradled in timeless representation.

About the artist

Born in 1970 in Shaanxi, China, Liu Ruo Wang creates art that touches on an immense array of cultural elements, while remaining firmly rooted in a personal journey through time and struggle. Turning a childhood of myth and folklore into a representation of the Chinese spirit, the artist chooses to glorify the ordinary man by presenting him as a an emblem of solidarity, tying together bands of soldiers in distinctly Eastern colour, texture and form. A coalescence of nostalgia and tribute, the artist immortalizes his roots, subtly making reference to the history and significance that form the rich heritage behind the industrialized modernity of his people. Widely established and exhibited, the artist’s works are collected by numerous prestigious institutions in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, France, Italy, New Zealand and the USA.

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