20 Years of Art: A Retrospective by Hong Zhu An

15th - 21st July, Ode To Art Raffles City

20 Years of Art: A Retrospective is a solo exhibition of Hong Zhu An, showcasing a body of 20 years of recent and older work that reflect his diversity and skill. Trained in both Western and Eastern art, Hong's work remains inherently Asian with a focus on calligraphy, the line and large-scale paintings. 

Born in 1955, Hong Zhu An was trained under famed art scholar Wang Zidou at the Shanghai Art and Craft Institute and has exhibited his works in South East Asia and the USA. He won the illustrious UOB Painting of the Year 'Grand Award' in Singapore in 1994 and he has pieces in corporate and public collections such as The Spencer Museum and Princeton University Museum in New York and the National Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel.

For Hong Zhu An, calligraphy is far more than a practice — to him, it is knowledge, discipline, philosophy and heritage. With a lifetime of scholarly readings and penetrative study of virtually every art form available to him, the artist’s journey is an exposition of art itself. When you gaze upon the muted hues of an ink wash painting by Hong Zhu An, you are immediately struck by its intricacy and invited to meditate upon what it suggests. It goes without saying that 20 years’ worth of Hong Zhu An’s oeuvre makes not only for monumental art, but for the portrait of a monumental artist. 

Exhibiting Artists: Hong Zhu An

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Hong Zhu An

Imbued with the very philosophy that defines the artist himself, ‘Line’, or 笔,墨,纵,横 (closely translated to Brush, Ink, Vertical, Horizontal) is a tale within itself, that descends from individual but spans to a multitude- resonating to emotion held within every and each.

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20 Years of Art: A Retrospective by Hong Zhu An
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15th - 21st July
Ode To Art Raffles City