Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo
As the art consultant of Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo, a service apartment located in central Tokyo, Ode to Art began to research and draw on Japanese culture and aesthetics to bring together a curated team of artists and their works.
9 Jan 2018
Sculptures And Their Materials - And How To Take Care Of Them
With the many different materials used for sculptures these days, we often have to research on how to take care of them and to display them in a safe manner. Here is a quick infographic for you to get started with.
16 Jan 2017
Different Mediums In Paintings - And How To Take Care Of Them
After buying a painting, have you wondered how to take of them? Here's some tips for you.
28 Oct 2016
Aspiring Artist Dos and Don’ts
Ever wondered what it takes to be an artist? Wonder no more.
7 Sep 2016
Key Art Movements from 1910s - 2000s
Historically, art movements influence one another and are a continuation rather than individualistic. We explore key art movements from 1910s-2000s in this article.
28 Jul 2016
Artsy places you have to visit in Singapore
Singapore has quite the quirky and artistic side to her. Discover where are the artsy places you can visit here.
22 Jul 2016
High, Low and Superflat- Murakami Deconstructed
The super flat world of Murakami's flowers - here's what you need to know.
11 Aug 2015