Paul Rousso

mixed media on hand sculpted polystyrene, 86 x 20 x 218 cm

USD 18,300 – 26,200


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About the artwork

With influences ranging from Dr. Seuss to Roy Lichtenstein, Rousso casts his pop art sensibilities on a 21st-century scale in his captivating sculptures. This work features the iconic Batman comics, which have been rendered three-dimensional.

Throughout the artist’s oeuvre paper is a recurring motif, and through his hyper-realistic, pop-art inspired works, he presents a tribute to a medium that is increasingly overshadowed by new digital technologies. Rousso’s work is held in private collections over North America, Europe, the Middle East and beyond.

About the artist

American artist Paul Rousso is renowned for his concept, “Flat Depth”, which he has been refining his entire professional career, and which he sees as the logical progression of art. This aims to render a flat object three-dimensional, or to collapse a three-dimensional object into two-dimensions and is a fusion of countless complex artistic methods such as painting, printing, sculpting, welding, chemistry, digital manipulation, and digital printing. Through heat infusion on plexiglass, Rousso creates his captivating hyper-realistic, hyper-sized, pop-art inspired sculptures.

With influences ranging from Dr. Seuss to Roy Lichtenstein, Rousso casts his pop art sensibilities on a 21st-century scale. His first summer job - designing the Tribeca loft of Robert De Niro - combined with stints as a Hollywood scenic artist and a brief career steeped in the cosmetics industry as an art director, lend a wry touch to the social commentary woven through his work, and his vast and encompassing worldview flavors everything he creates. The ink and paper era is drawing to a close. “All this stuff,” as the artist puts it, “is going away.” Rousso's fascination with paper - currency, advertising, newspapers, magazines - its history and use, its rise and fall, is an emblematic theme reflected frequently in his compositions. Despite the complexity of Rousso's artistic output, the character and subject matter of the art are relatable to all citizens of the world, so much so that it practically jumps off the wall, and straight into the viewer's consciousness. 

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