David Kracov

WHO CARES ? , 2018
3 Layer Metal Wall Scuplture , 22 x 46 cm



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About the artwork

Kracov makes a statement about the nihilistic sentiments of modern society with this three-dimensional Pop-art-esque sculpture, placing a soft toy bear in a suggestive pose with a gun pointed to his own forehead. The jarring contrast between symbolic childlike innocence and the harsh imagery of suicide are accompanied by the comical font representing societal nonchalance, making this piece one of both dark and humorous satire.

About the artist

Known as the youngest artist ever to showcase in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, David Kracov built his portfolio since the age of 12 and received his degree from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Creator of the world-famous sculpture commissioned by the Holocaust Museum of St Petersburg, David now adds at least one butterfly to every piece that he creates, as a trademark and tribute to the delicacy and value of children’s lives. Sculptor, painter, and animator, he has helped shape landmark movies like The Lion King and The Swan Princess. He is also a pioneer of ‘Life Saving Art’.

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