Xiang Jing

Dear Children - I See (Green) 亲爱的小孩-懂了 绿绿
Fiberglass Hand Painted, 37 x 8.8 x 10 cm

USD 900 – 1,300


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About the artwork

With her funny haircut and cute dress, this little kid pouts her lips and stares wonderingly into the future with her bean eyes. She has too many questions for this world and craves for answers. But eventually she will realize that there isn’t always an answer so the best she can do is to love this world with a kind heart. “I See” is a very subtle phrase - different from “I know” or ”I get it” - it is an act of comprehension from the deepest heart, a feeling of warmth and love.

About the artist

Born in Beijing in 1968, Xiang Jing graduated from Chinese Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Department in 1995. She was lecturer of sculpture studio at Fine Art College of Shanghai Normal University from 1999 to 2007. Xiang Jing founded Xiang Jing + Qu Guangci (X+Q) Sculpture Studio in 2007, and later the art brand X+Q Art in 2010, with her husband and artist Qu Guangci. Xiang Jing now works and lives in Beijing. 

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