Qin Feng

欲望风景系列 016 Series Desire Scenery 016
Ink Tea and Coffee on Ceramic Paper, 190 x 85 cm

USD 33,600 – 48,000


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About the artwork

Revolution is a word that strikes a chord with Qin Feng - it is a resounding part of his history. In the midst of his rising career, his ability to reside in his home country was compromised due to backlash and cultural rigidity, and he subsequently chose to move to the United States. Armed with the sensibilities of Chinese ink and exposure to German Expressionism, Qin Feng rose to prominence with his transformative work that crossed boundaries of countries, language and culture with lyrical swipes and strokes of ink. Unconstrained by convention, the artist worked with paper, cloth, ceramics, installations, acrylics and even created his own inks, brushes and paper in his experimental pursuits. Drawing widespread attention and acclaim, he has risen to be amongst the highest-regarded names in contemporary ink art.

About the artist

Qin Feng is an iconic modernist ink painter whose work transcends generations to bind Chinese traditions of ink painting and Western Abstract art. Grounded in traditional Chinese brushwork, his expressive compositions serve as bold and dramatic meditations on time and motion. Born in 1961 in Xinjiang, China, Qin graduated from Shangdong Art Institute in China and has won several art awards from the City of Berlin and the Vermont Art Center. He has exhibited in major galleries and museums like the Goedhuis Contemporary, New York, The Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, China, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 

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