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Lim Tze Peng
LPS - 早秋 - 许浑 LP - Autumn Morning by Xu Hun

Ink on Paper
145 x 365cm


Lim Tze Peng writes the characters from 早秋 or Autumn Morning by Xu Hun - a Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty. The entire poem reads: 遥夜汎清瑟,西风生翠萝。残萤栖玉露,早雁拂银河。高树晓还密,远山晴更多。 准南一叶下,自觉洞庭波。 It translates to: Sounds of the harp ring clearly at midnight, while the west wind rustles a green vine. Glowworms roost in the dew like jade, wild geese brush past the Milky Way. Tall trees cluster densely at dawn, distant mountains are clearer by day. South of the Huai river, a single leaf falls. I feel a storm brewing by Lake Dongting. The poem describes the beautiful scenery of the season - replete with falling leaves, morning dew and distant mountains.

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