Dou Rong Jun

Oil on Canvas, 150 x 120 cm

USD 4,400 – 6,300

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About the artwork

With the primary intention of his art being the expression of humanity's most complex emotions, Dou Rong Jun's 'Inexpressible' belays its title into a depiction of an anguish that transcends words. Conveying emotion through every component of his image, the artist chooses red to signify pain, anger and other emotions of passion, while constructing the body language of his subject in a contortion of helplessness: as if the degree of emotion has left him immobile. Conceptual communication aside, the artist shows mastery over the representation of human form and the expression of emotion- be it physically or mentally. The overarching aesthetics are remarkably attuned to reality.

About the artist

Born in 1971 in Nanjing, Dou graduated from the Nanjing Art Institute with a B.A. degree. Dou currently teaches fine art in Shanghai while pursuing his art practice. Intricate and moving depictions have always been one of the essential characteristics of paintings. Dou Rong Jun chooses to use the language of paintings to capture the subject's details and the subtle, delicate stories between people that are not always easy to grasp. In each of his works, there is sensitivity with every brushstroke and an apt conveyance of emotion. He has exhibited extensively in China and South Asia. 

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