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Wei Liang
乱 Chaos , 2019

Oil on Canvas
300 x 120cm


In this work the artist offers us a more up close and personal encounter with his baboons. Pressed up against one another on the surface of the elongated canvas, the two monkeys at the end of the canvas have their gazes transfixed on the one in the centre, the latter then in turn staring intently into the viewer's line of sight. Their evocative expressions depict a sense of wariness and suspicion, where they are acutely aware of each other's presence, as well as the voyeurship of the audience. The artist perhaps makes a reference to the Buddist myth of the Three Wise Monkeys "See no Evil, Speak no Evil, Hear no evil" in both head count and subject matter of his work, creating an image with the intent of poking a subtle jab at our modernised society; where our interconnectedness means nothing is truely a secret, and rumours, false claims and gossip make it difficult to truely be trusting of the people around us.

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    Wei Liang's artistic creations exist as a multi-angled examination of humanity. his concepts are built around the relationship between the origins of life, socio-political science and human religion. Extracting the pieces of material information from cultural elements of modern society, Wei Liang captures the instances of ethical and moral corruption through his metaphor of the ape, in reference to the "low-life" behavior of individuals in our interconnected society.    Read More

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