Donald Runs in Time Square
Metal Steel for Wall Mount, 120 x 120 cm

USD 5,000 – 7,100


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About the artwork

Superimposing the empty silhouette of a renowned cartoon character against the bustling, neon glamour of New York's Time Square with the occasional highlights of splattered paint, Auguste applies his signature cut and paste style on aluminium to incorporate various icons and symbols in an amalgamation of our modern day pop-culture. He juxtaposes the reality of corporate branding against the nostalgic innocence associated with various cartoon characters, playing on our fond sentiments towards such figures, and in the process, challenges our presumptions about contemporary life.

About the artist

Born in 1977, French artist Auguste hails from the famed Bordeaux region of France. Though he studied disciplines other than fine arts, Auguste always felt compelled and drawn to the art world. Ultimately he followed his passion for the visual arts, finding his unique artistic vision and voice and is now known for his colorful contemporary Pop Art-inspired and nostalgia-evoking works.
Auguste terms his oeuvre “Generations” as his works revolve around a central theme of pop culture icons from the past. Conjuring memories of previous eras, his pieces depict celebrities, super heroes and other iconic figures, in conjunction with American and French marks to provide the viewer with a reminiscent glimpse of past epochs.

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