Land Painting, 2014
Mixed Medium on Canvas, 152 x 121 cm



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About the artwork

Phillipino artist MM Yu presents her distinctive take on the traditional landscape painting in this vibrant abstract piece, consisting of a myriad of multi-coloured lines which fill the canvas. While appearing simplistic on the surface level, through the artist’s skillful technique and use of colour, warm and cool toned colours are placed adjacent to each other and interact to create a stimulating visual rhythm, that conveys the dynamism of the environment the artist likely took inspiration from. This captivating piece recalls Piet Mondrian’s 'Broadway Boogie Woogie' in its ability to create movement through visual elements and techniques, highlighting MM YU’s artistic mastery.

About the artist

MM Yu graduated from the University of Philippines with a degree in Fine Arts in 2001. She received the the Ateneo Art Gallery Common Room Bandung Residency Grant in 2007 and the Cultural Center of the Philippines 13 Artists Award in 2009. She was also a finalist in the Sovereign Art Prize in 2010 and was shortlisted for the Ateneo Art awards in 2011. Almost never found without her camera slung around her neck, MM Yu has built an extensive photographic archive of the accidental urban environment of Manila. These detail people, objects and places that communicate the world surrounding her. She frames enchanting scenes out of overlooked and chaotic subject matter as well as random relations between disparate things through her ability to discern resonances in color, patterns and whimsical features. Her drip paintings are process-oriented and quote modernist abstraction, but they possess a pop appeal and exuberance - their changing variables supply guilt-free ocular pleasure. Physical gravity being integral to the process, they seem to encourage grounding the visual experience with associations to the real world.

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