Jeremy Ramsey

Male & Female Pacific Salmon II
Acrylic on Canvas, 51 x 66 cm

USD 4,300 – 6,200


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About the artwork

Often known as a ‘colourist’, Ramsey creates works that pay tribute to his love for colour with wild tints and fantastical and imaginative depictions. The distinctive abstractness and conspicuous hues are a deliberate effort on the artist’s part to create something unusual and refreshing, while also being an expression of his mental processes and artistic inclinations. This is evident in this painting of salmons; with its bright red strokes on the blue background, creating a surreal imagery.

About the artist

Born on 11 August 1932 in England, Jeremy Ramsey specializes in vivid imagery and abstract figurations. Ramsey studied fine arts at Reading University, Hammersmith School of Arts & Crafts (1949 – 1952), and drawing under Professor Bryan Kneale (formerly Professor of Sculpture and Drawing with the Royal College of Art, London), and has also travelled widely to embark on art projects. Being a citizen of Singapore and having lived here since 1956, Ramsey was elected twice as Honorary President of the Modern Art Society of Singapore and a board member of the Singapore Tyler Print Institute at its inception. He has exhibited in Asia, Australia, the USA and Britain. 

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