Jeong Won Gyeong
Born In 1985, 2011

Steel Mesh
73 x 35 x 48cm


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  • +Artist Bio


    B.F.A Suwon University, College of Art, Sculpture Department, Korea

    M.F.A Graduate Studies in Sculpture, Suwon University, Korea

    "Emptiness - Fill the World"
    In ancient societies, clothes protected the body from coldness and heat. Also, clothes differentiated oneself based on sex, customs, social status and environment. However, their function of protecting the body has been changing to more symbolic function, coming to modern society. As a result, clothes make people hyped up about themselves, such that they can concentrate only on useless formalities and this is one of the negative side effects. From this side effect, the inner world of a modern person is filled with 'virtual images' rather than reality. I am not telling you that it is wrong. I am just telling you to listen to the inner sound of our ego. Human desires are endless. No matter how hard you fill them, it just brings a feeling of emptiness back again and again. We think success is all about power, authority and fortunes. Yet, that does not represent the genuine meaning of success. If you genuinely want it, you have to empty yourself first. Genuine success does not mean material success, it means living a happy life. You do not empty it to fill it again. You fill it by emptying yourself. Emptiness starts from knowing that the more you have and the more you want, the bigger the heart of wishing for something. It contains the process of reflecting within oneself in hectic life of modernity. In this modern life I see the coexistence of truth and falsehood, and the existence of 'I' and who I am not, which road do I have to take? and how do I live? I question myself. Sometimes, I empty myself and, at other times, I fill myself. In the process of doing both, I try to find myself. I try to break the 'frame' for something more important than things that are splendid outside yet empty inside.   Read More

  • +Exhibitions

    Solo Exhibitions 
    MANIF Seoul International Art Fair (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul) 

    Gallery Cha Peaux (Jeonju City) 

    MANIF Seoul International Art Fair (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul) 

    MANIF Seoul International Art Fair (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul) 

    The 2nd Solo Exhibition (Gallery Sinsang, Seoul) 

    Alpha Young Artist Contest (first) 
    Korea Morden Art Concours (Excellence Award) 
    The Korea Figurative Association Kyonggi Great Art Exhibition, Gyeonggi Province's Historic Sculpture Park  

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