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Huang Yan
Body Shan Shui

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150 x 120cm

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  • +Artist Bio

    Huang Yan (Chinese, born in 1966) combines painting, photography, and sculpture to explore modes of narrative and landscape, as well as other traditional forms of artistic representation in contemporary China. Born in Jilin Province, Huang studied at the Changchun Normal Academy and moved to Beijing in 1987. In his sculpted, painted and photographed works, pigment and pattern obscure a wide range of materials from meat to busts of Mao Zedong and even human skin. In several series, he evokes the traditional art of Chinese landscape painting with a contemporary twist - he photographs faces, backs, and entire bodies covered with landscape attributes that have been painted or tattooed onto their skin. Huang melds historical Chinese culture with new art forms, alluding to the body and performance art of the Chinese avant-garde. He has exhibited his work in London, Chicago, New York, Beijing, Milan, Berne, Hong Kong, and other countries around the world, and currently lives and works in Beijing. Read More

  • +Exhibitions

    Rising Dragon: Contemporary Chinese Photography, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, California

    Matrix: Landscape Exhibition, Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China
    Picturesque Landscape: Huang Yan Solo Exhibition, Beijing, China
    Areochine & Huang Yan, Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China
    ART BASEL, Switzerland
    1st International Ink Painting Biennale of Lin Zhou, China
    The Armory Show, USA
    Body Scape 2012, V!P's International Art Galleries, Rotterdam, Netherlands

    ART BASEL, Miami, USA
    The New China, Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China

    Huang Yan Solo Exhibition, Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China (solo)
    Huang Yan Retrospective, Hong Kong Art Centre, Presented by Leo Gallery, Hong Kong (solo)
    Faces, Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China

    Asian Ink Masters, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York, NY 
    Body Art, Cornerstone Arts Center, Colorado Springs, CO 
    Michelle Mosko Fine Art, Denver, CO (solo)
    Cuba Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana,Cuba
    Beijing - Havana, New Contemporary Chinese art Revolution

    Move No. 4, Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China 
    VERSION-Chang Chun New Art Movement Of The 1980s Zhu Qizhan Art Museum Shanghai, China 
    Body Art Exhibition, Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO 
    interactive field of vision——Chinese leading contemporary art exhibition Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art Shanghai, China 
    Free Zone: China Spazio in BSI, Via Magatti 2, Lugano, Switzerland 
    Art Paris 2008 Grand Palais, Paris, France 
    China... Forward! TSUM, Moscow, Russia 
    June Chinese Zodiac-Huang Yan’s Solo Exhibition of Oil Paintings San Shang Art Space Beijing (solo)

    Contemporary China: Codes, visions and representations of the contemporary Chinese art, Rome Italy2006Zen Painting, Must Be Art Center, Beijing (solo) 
    Xin Dong Cheng International Art Studio, Beijing (solo) 
    VIPS International Art Galleries, Holland Cotter (solo) 
    Northeast Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangdong 
    Post Electronic Image, Must Be Art Center, Beijing 
    Relic, Irrawaddy Art City, Chicago, IL 
    Old and Well-known Family from Photography: Father, Son and I, Must Be Art Center, Beijing 
    Boundless Pause, Must Be Art Center, Beijing 
    Soldiers at the Gates-China/Chai-na, Architecture Art Exhibition, 706 East Space, Beijing China 
    China Cutting Edge: New Video Art from Shanghai and Beijing, Anthology Film Archives, New York

    Critical-2, Zero Field, Beijing 
    The Other End: Contemporary Experimental Art and Design Exhibition, He Xiangning Art Musuem, Shenzhen, China 
    Post Factory-Come and Gone, Beijing 
    100 International Artists in Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Italy 
    Out of the Red-II: The Photographic Session, Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy 
    Percipience, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing (solo) 
    Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London (solo) 
    Marella Gallery, Beijing (solo) 
    Between Past and Future, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA 
    Forge the Fable, Li Xiangqun Studio, Beijing 
    Ceramics, Must Be Art Center, Beijing 
    Post Calligraphy, Must Be Art Center, Beijing

    Marella Space Project, Como (solo) 
    1st Guangzhou Triennale, Guangzhou Museum of Art Guangzhou, China 
    The Body Everywhere, Museum of Contemporary Art, Marseilles, France 
    Officinal Asia, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bologna, Italy 
    Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video, ICP, New York , NY

    Imaging China and Huang Yan, New York, NY 
    China / Israeli Image Art Exhibition, Israeli Embassy, Beijing 
    Distance Measuring, Shenzhen Video Art Festival 
    Polish International Video Art Festival, Warsaw, Poland 
    Italy International Video Art Festival, Rome, Italy 
    Ceramic Art Exhibition on Elongation & Breakthrough, Guangdong Art Gallery 
    Prague Biennial, Prague 
    Mirage Heaven, Prague, Czech Republic 
    4th Annual International Behaviour Art Exhibition, Changchun 

    3rd World Art Exhibition, Milan, Italy (solo)
    Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai (solo) 
    Reflecting on Tradition, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong (solo) 
    Ideal Image of Huang Yan, Beijing Contemporary Art Gallery (solo)

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