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Lim Tze Peng
BD 天长地久 - Eternity

Ink on Paper


Singapore’s living artistic legend Lim Tze Peng began painting in the 1970s, however it was in the 90s that he began his Calligraphy works. This change was reflected in his personal philosophy as well, in which he stated “I see and I paint, now it's I reflect and I paint”. In this work, there is a clear sense of energy created by the contrast of warm & cool tone colours, which brings life and vibrancy to the composition, as well as the tension of Lim’s bold black brushstrokes used for the Chinese characters. While the notion of eternity connotes a sense of unboundedness, this is upended as Lim significantly places a border around the work, thus constricting this limitless energy within his composition, creating an evocative and exciting visual sensation.

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