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Lim Tze Peng
BD 早秋 - 許渾 (In Early Autumn by Xu Hun)

Ink on Paper
140 x 70cm


遙夜泛清瑟, 西風生翠蘿。 殘螢委玉露, 早雁拂銀河。 高樹曉還密, 遠山晴更多。 淮南一葉下, 自覺老煙波。The english translation reads: Becoming chilly and crisp is the air, and extended night-time. In the westerlies waver creeping vines. Fireflies from the season's end on sparkling dew drops rest, Across the starry sky whisk geese of the wild taking early flight. At daybreak trees of lofty height denser seem, More mountains and hills come to the fore on a day so fine. Leaves have begin to fall south of River Huai, I have a feeling that among misty waters I shall remain as I age past my prime.

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