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Lim Tze Peng
BD 空山松子落、幽人应未眠《秋夜寄丘員外》 (On an Autumn Night to Councillor Qiu by Wei Yingwu)

Chinese Ink on Paper
89 x 96cm


Lim Tze Peng references a poem by Tang Period poet Wei Yingwu, “in the fall of pine-seeds, pine-cones in the empty hills, I hope, my dear recluse, you’re still up, not sleepy”. Lim’s use of colour connects with the poem, as the brown brushstrokes denote the pine-cones as well as the season of fall, while the vibrant yellow suggests the warm glow of lights at night. The bold black brushstrokes Lim uses for the characters are impactful as they stand out against the other colours of the work, and leave the viewer with a strong sense of contemplation.

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