Yayoi Kusama

Book To Read at Night B - Raisonne No 339 , 2004
Screenprint, 16 x 23 cm

USD 8,800 – 12,500


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About the artwork

This intriguing work by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama incorporates her iconic net motif, that recurs throughout. The work has a surreal aura, with the only recognisable imagery being three unrelated items, a single eye, a book and what appears to be a chain of sorts. The eye stares towards the viewer unblinking, forcing the viewer to confront it and meet its intense gaze. This eye could be interpreted as a link to the artist’s recurring hallucinations she experienced since childhood, which she is forced to experience with little possibility of them going away. Love Forever is similarly a nod to the artist’s 1998-99 retrospective, which travelled to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, among other venues, and solidified the Kusama’s reputation as a force in the art world. // Image size: 16x23cm Sheet size: 24x31cm screenprint Edition: 67/95 2004

About the artist

Yayoi Kusama was born 1929, in Matsumoto City and began painting at the age of 10, as a means of escaping a childhood of neglect and expressing her early experiences with hallucinogenic visions. She is best known for her works best known for her works featuring repeating motifs and psychedelic imagery that evoke themes of psychology, feminism, obsession, sex, creation, destruction, and intense self-reflection.

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