Dedy Sufriadi

Homage Series GrRC#10, 2016
Acrylic on Canvas, 150 x 150 cm

USD 4,800 – 6,800


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About the artwork

This work by Indonesian artist Dedy Sufriadi is abstract at its best. The artist uses primary colours to cover most of the canvas, with the warm and cool tones creating a vibrant visual contrast and creating a whirlwind of electrifying energy. These vivid colours are balanced by the more austere black, demonstrating the artist’s nuanced utilisation of colour theory in his works. The paint is applied to the canvas in a manner evoking the technique of Jackson Pollock, further imbuing the work with life and energy. The visual impact of Dedy’s art and the philosophy in its interpretation is a dazzling blend of emotion and technique, that both surprises and destabilises.

About the artist

Born in Indonesia in 1976, Dedy began his artistic journey in Jogjakarta in 1995 and began to exhibit his work at the tender age of twenty. The recognition was inevitable as his radical and forceful works gained immediate interest, eventually earning him many awards and critical acclaim for his unique expressive style and abstract execution. Strong compositions of entangled words and symbols, Dedy Sufriadi’s paintings are powerful both in terms of visuals and meaning. Through his abstract paintings, the artist explores the borders between discipline, words and imagery. Refusing to be bound by a particular discipline, a unique hybrid artistic language is used by the artist to evolve his subject matter more freely. Creating images that are worth a thousand words and employing words that are worth a thousand images, his pieces are striking in their directness and honesty - leaving a memorable impact on all who view them. 

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