Zheng Yukui

Happy Together
, cm

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About the artwork

This series features several of his individual figures sharing the moment together. The people depicted are a tad older, retaining their innocent looks with a smirk of maturity. Many of the figures have their heads raised slightly, their gaze wandering off into the boundless skies, minds rambling into jubilant thoughts. The moment they share is cherished, exposed by the contented and joyous smile they all have in common. Each piece is hand-made, making his figures disparately different in character.

About the artist

Full of passion for life, familiar with and love local people and customs dearly, together with his keen ability to recognize the social psychology of aesthetic perception, Zheng's works have complex original designs and cartoon-style facial expression, bringing each piece into life. With simple, concise and crispy colours of mostly red iron-based tone, along with native and elegant gray, he adds a splash of white to bring each piece alive in his unique fashion.

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