Jean Paul

Paintbrush Black on White , 2016
Acrylic on Canvas, 93 x 134 cm


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About the artwork

The contemporary brush paintings by French artist Jean Paul Danadini are a playful commentary on the act of painting itself. His recent work “Brosses arrêtée” - translating to 'Stopped Brush’ - captures the artist’s gesture in the midst of creation. The ceaseless nature of the stroke shows how the canvas becomes the artist's construction site; only he can decide how to build and create his work. The striking color choices further contribute to his idea of vision and creation. Danadini uses a creased canvas to mimic the magic of theatre curtains, and to remind us that life is play - one that should be enjoyed by all.

About the artist

Jean-Paul Donadini was born in Troyes in the year, 1951. His family were immigrants from Italy and they settled down in Paris where he underwent and completes his training in the Fine Arts Schools in Troyes and Nancy in 1976. His works are a refreshing representation of still life – imbuing this age old style of painting with a new sense of playfulness that are sometimes paradoxical and ironic. His style is a collaboration between many artistic endeavour, one that is especially influenced by the eccentric Salvador Dali. Jean-Paul’s works are constantly changing. His oeuvre of works is seen in his versatility, from painted earthenware jars, blow-up paintings, itineraries, stationary brushes, lipsticks on canvas and transport boxes.

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