Li Chen

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Bronze, 115 x 75 x 60 cm

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About the artwork

The world nowadays is often fixated on competition and materialistic principles. Recognising this, Li Chen seeks to create works that escape reality, encouraging harmony by embracing a certain closeness and elation. Through the Buddhist’s “emptiness” and Taoist’s “chi”, the sculpture is able to internalize its energies. Li Chen’s works are modern with a classical taste, making traditions more lively and youthful, and creating a clear, out-of-this-world experience to the audience for maximum satisfaction of the mind and the eyes.

About the artist

Li Chen was born in 1963 in Taiwan. His distinctive style of incorporating feelings of self-mindfulness and interpretations of Chinese classics from Buddhist and Taoist traditions, blended with contemporary thought and earned him critical acclaim worldwide. In 1999, Li Chen had his artwork debut in Taipei, and has since exhibited in New York, Chicago, Jerusalem, Copenhagen, Miami, Paris, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Geneva, Singapore, Seoul, etc. In 2007, he became the first Chinese artist to give a solo exhibition in the Venice Biennale. In 2012, Art Investment magazine claimed that based on total global auction house sales figures, Li Chen was the sixth best selling artist in the world.

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