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Y Indra Wahyu N
Drink Water While diving, 2013

Acrylic on Canvas
198 x 230cm


Wielding acrylic colour and brush as his arms of conceptual warfare, the strong themes behind the artist’s work give way to surprisingly fluid aesthetics, often artfully compiled in a striking image pastiche that belay notional processes for stand-still visual sensations. Manifesting the power and energy of progressive thought through vivid colour and the melding of distinct stroke and style, the artist provides fantastical-even bordering on surrealist- imagery, creating immersive imagery that simultaneously creates a detached context for interpretation. Meandering through mild hue and impactful colour, capturing light and shade, and showcasing both precision and action-like expression, the visual contrasts held within Wahyu’s art are considerable in themselves, revealing the workings of a dedicated and focused artistic hand.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Y. Indra Wahyu was born in Lampung, Indonesia on July 12, 1977. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Art at the Indonesia Institute of Art (ISI) Yogyakarta. Indra has participated in numerous exhibitions in different parts of Indonesia from 1998 to 2011. In 1998 and 1999, Indra won the award for Best Watercolour and Sketch by the Faculty of Fine Art at the Indonesia Institute of Art (ISI) Yogyakarta. He also emerged as the Grand Regional Award winner for the 31st UOB Painting of the Year 2012 in Singapore. The artwork titled "School Hymms" depict a school choir which honoured the role of schools in imparting knowledge and creating a harmonious society. Read More

  • +Exhibitions

    2009 – “Self Pleasure”, Roommate Visual Art Curatorial Lab. Yogyakarta

    1998 – “Manusia dan Harapan – Kompleksitas Masyarakat Urban, Painting – Art Work
    Exhibition, Loby Seni Murni, ISI Yogyakarta

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