Bumper Crop, 2015
Oil on Canvas, 100 x 120 cm

USD 1,300 – 1,900

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About the artwork

The cool blue shades that Vu Quoc Dung used in this painting instantly soothes the viewer's hearts are they first look upon the artwork. The specks of colour scattered in the painting, Vu Dung's signature style of impasto, stands out remarkably from the contrasting shades of blue in the background. The foilage of the trees that lie in the middle of a crop field are round and full, suggesting the field's promise of a bountiful harvest.

About the artist

Born in 1982, Vu  is a Vietnamese artist based in Ho Chi Minh City. Growing up, he always had a strong passion for drawing and drew on whatever he could, or was on hand - even school textbooks (a move which quite upset his teachers.) He graduated from the Fine Arts University of Ho Chi Minh City in 2008 and is now a faculty member at the university and an art teacher. Most recently, his works were displayed in the "Graphic Art Exhibition" in Ho Chi Minh City. Unlike many young Vietnamese artists his age who paint with critical realism, Vu chooses to capture splendid moments and brings them into his pictures so that everybody can feel, enjoy and treasure the beauty of life and what surrounds it.

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