Kim Dong Yoo

Portraits Within a Portrait
Oil on Canvas - Pop Art, cm

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About the artwork

A master of visual play, artist Kim Dong Yoo ingeniously captures the elusive larger-than-life presence of his childhood heroes with mind-boggling intricacy, encasing their memory in an aesthetic homage. Prodigious works of both embellishment and painstaking detail, his visually striking portraits are created through a base of countless miniature portraits-each and every one hand painted by the artist himself; defying all common conceptions of digitalization with its manually created intricacies and creating perceptual depth with its choice of selection of both detailed and overarching portraits. In a witty play on the relationships, gossip and scandals that so define celebrities, Kim carefully selects pairings of iconic stars and encourages the viewer to draw on their history and explore what connects their placement together- effectively immortalizing what was once their lives. The perspective of both image within an image as well as the popular culture references probes the viewer to delve into the elements of these works and immerse themselves in the spectrum of subjectivity that surrounds both visual and mental intrigue incited by these works.

About the artist

Born in 1965, Korean artist Kim Dong Yoo graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and subsequently pursued his Masters in Fine Arts in Painting in 1990 from the Mokwon University. Highly acclaimed and an established name in Asian Art, the artist has had several gallery and museum exhibitions and many works sold at prestigious auctions, including 'Mao vs. Monroe' at Sotheby's London 'Contemporary Art Day Auction' in 2008. His works are collected by various museums across Korea including the Hoam Museum, Kumho Museum of Art, Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art, and the Busan Metropolitan Art Museum. 

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