Face to Peace

24th July - 30th July, Ode to Art Platform, 4th floor Raffles City Convention Centre

Stefan Buana’s life advice, “The most beautiful thing in
the world is becoming yourself” can be found on his studio
wall. This quote is telling of the artist’s character—strong
regards to identity, acute emotions, and personal expressions. The way Stefan sees the world may also be found
in “Face to Peace”, a series of paintings that intimately
explore different facial features with emphasis on textures
and lines. Stefan’s faces possess life, distinctive identities
and a singular vibrancy. To Stefan, art is a representation
of life. It is with this simple notion to explore the intricacies
of the world through art that Ode to Art proudly presents
the master of subtleties, Stefan Buana. 

Exhibiting Artists: Stefan Buana

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Stefan Buana
Face to Peace

Stefan Buana is a rising star amongst Indonesia's emerging artists, marking his way with fascinating paintings and exquisite sculptures that challenge and amuse his collectors and critics. Stefan is known for his constant experimentation with various styles and media and his creation of unique art pieces using non-traditional materials such as torched metal and rough craquelure.

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